After what seems an eternity of searching and showings, you’ve finally found the one.  Yet, several others may view this home in the same light.  This begs the question, how do I get the seller to sell to me?  One of the strongest ways to show a seller your interest is through a well-written offer letter explaining your offer to the seller and why their property should become yours.  This offer letter presents buyers with an opportunity to personally connect with sellers and share a human connection. 

Before You Start 

Consider the seller’s story.  This could be the house where their children were raised and the no longer need the space or their first house that they worked so hard to purchase.  Real estate is not only about property, but about people.  These human elements should shine through your letter to show your want of this home to be part of your story. 

Constructing The Letter 

Start off by greeting the seller by their name and introducing yourself.  For example: 

Dear Mrs. Jane Smith, 

My name is Kathy Jones. My family and I have fallen in love with your house. 

After this greeting and brief introduction, the amount of highly personal information shared should be kept to a minimum.  It is okay to mention your partner or children who will also live in the house, but the seller does not need to know your life story. 

The second, thing you should mention is something you absolutely love about the house.  If there is an amazing kitchen, you could mention that you can see yourself cooking wonderful family meals or hosting friends for an evening.  Chances are, this could have been one of their favorite features as well.   

Lastly, mention how you appreciate the opportunity to have toured their house and taking the time to read your letter. 

Your letter should be kept to a few paragraphs and by the end of reading your letter the buyer should be able to feel your genuine interest in purchasing their property.  While a strong offer letter does not guarantee that you will get the property, it will make you a serious contender.

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