Why the Holidays may Be the BEST Time To Buy or Sell!

Should you choose to shop around or sell during the holidays, here are some of the benefits!

1.  SERIOUS BUYERS/SELLERS: Generally, whether people are house hunting or staging during this time of year, they are serious and hoping to close before the New Year!

2.  LOWER INVENTORY: If you’re selling, you may command a higher price as inventory over the holiday is typically lower.

3.  LESS COMPETITION: On the reverse side, there may also be less people looking to buy during the holidays so competition may be a little less fierce if you’re on the house hunting side of things.

4. THAT COZY FEELING! If you’re staging your house to sell over the holidays, it’s a great time to stage the scene that will emotionally connect with those potential buyers who come to see your home.

5. BETTER LOAN SERVICE: The loan process may also be quicker. Since there are a reduced number of people shopping around during this time, less competition could mean more attention for you and better service.

6. JOB TRANSFERS: The Holidays are also a great time for buyers to think about job transfers! This time of year is generally when people may get notice that they are being transferred. They’re going to need to find a home and will be shopping around during the holiday season, which is one reason why your home could sell even more quickly over the holidays!

7. LOWER INTEREST RATES: Rates are still at near historic lows but are expected to rise next year. You could save hundreds on your mortgage payment by shopping sooner than later.

If you are thinking of buying or selling this holiday season, or after the first of the year, we would be delighted to help you along your journey and guarantee the highest quality service and experience in the industry! With M&D, you can trust that we will always #WorkHardForYou – Top Service, Top Exposure, Best Sales Price & Negotiation Skills and a friendly team always ready to assist with your every need or concern!

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