What Does a Property Manager Do?

At M&D Real Estate, we pride ourselves on transforming the challenges of investments and property ownership into a worry-free and lucrative venture for landlords. But you may be wondering to yourself, “what does a property manager do?” In this blog post, we will explore the intricacies of our services specifically, which is designed to provide you with an overall insight into the role property managers play in securing your investment and orchestrating an efficient, high ROI, and stress-free property ownership experience.

From thorough tenant screening to cutting-edge technology, proactive maintenance, inspections, tenant relations, and marketing excellence, discover how we do it at M&D Property Management and we hope it helps you understand what we do better and elevates your property management expectations.

Thorough Tenant Screening for Peace of Mind

At M&D Property Management, we understand that the foundation of a successful and stress-free property management experience (or landlord experience) rests heavily on the quality of tenants you place in your property. So to start with, one of the cornerstones of what we do is to provide a rigorous tenant screening process. It is a cornerstone of our service that goes beyond the ordinary to provide you with unparalleled peace of mind and our track record is amazing – evictions are not commonplace at M&D Property Management because we select good tenants who take care of your home and pay their rent regularly.

Our thorough tenant screening is a fairly meticulous process, encompassing a comprehensive examination of a prospective tenant’s background. Credit history comes into play, of course, to scrutinize a potential tenant’s financial responsibility, criminal background checks ensure a clean legal record, and eviction history verification safeguards against potential other issues. Employment verification and employer interviews are also part of the process to ensure stable income, while rental history verification offers insights into past tenancies.

Why do we go the extra mile? We have high standards for our tenants because we ultimately care and want to see the success heightened and stress lowered of those we serve. Because we believe that your property deserves the utmost care and respect, we treat it like its our own property. Placing reliable and responsible tenants in your home is not just a goal but a commitment we uphold. This commitment extends beyond the transactional nature of property management – it’s about fostering a community of residents who appreciate and value the properties they inhabit, knowing also they are well taken care of by their property manager as well as the owner of the property. It’s a two-way street.

Cutting-Edge Technology for Effortless Management

In the ever-evolving landscape of property management, staying connected and transparent is not just a nicety; it’s a fundamental principle at M&D Property Management. We recognize the vital role that communication plays in fostering trust and efficiency, so we leverage technology to provide an Online Resident Center and Owner Center for both tenants and clients alike that offers simple solutions and seamless service.

For our tenants, the Online Resident Center is more than just a portal; it’s a dynamic platform designed for convenience and ease. Making payments becomes a breeze, with options for one-time payments or the setup of recurring transactions, providing flexibility aligned with modern lifestyles. Communication with our management team is seamless, allowing tenants to address queries, report issues, or seek maintenance assistance effortlessly. It’s a tool that empowers residents, fostering a sense of community engagement and satisfaction.

On the other side of the spectrum, our Owner Center is a 24/7 gateway for property owners into the heartbeat of their investments. Financial reports are just a click away, offering real-time insights into the performance of your property. Stay informed about property repair updates as they happen, ensuring that you’re always in the loop when it comes to the maintenance of your asset. And, we make no major decisions without your input, of course.

The status of tenant payments is also at your fingertips, allowing you to track and manage income with unparalleled convenience. At M&D, we believe in transparency and revolutionary technology as bedrocks toward providing superior property management service, and the Owner Center is a testament to our commitment to keeping you informed every step of the way.

Proactive Maintenance to Safeguard Your Investment

At M&D Property Management, we understand that maximizing your return on investment goes hand in hand with proactive and impeccable property maintenance. Our commitment to your property’s well-being is not just a promise but a practice embedded in our core values. Partnering with high-quality preferred vendors, we ensure that your property receives the best care possible, all at negotiated rates that safeguard your bottom line. We also provide regular inspections of every single property we manage to ensure preventative maintenance is taken care of, and that homes are in good hands and good shape throughout the lease term.

And, back to collaborating with our preferred vendors, it is more than a business transaction. It’s a strategic alliance geared towards elevating your property’s value and longevity. These vendors, chosen for their expertise and commitment to excellence and readiness for the call, become an extension of our dedication to your investment. Whether it’s routine maintenance, repairs, or upgrades, rest assured that your property is in the hands of professionals who share our commitment to maintaining its pristine condition. Not only do we have strategic partnerships with key vendors, but we have on-site, in-house maintenance technicians so we can guarantee you pay a resonable fee for quality work performed on your property.

And again, tenant requests are further streamlined through our innovative Resident Center, providing a hassle-free avenue for them to report issues, request maintenance, and communicate their concerns. This not only simplifies the process for tenants but also ensures that we are promptly informed of any issues that require attention. Additionally, we offer 24/7 phone support, guaranteeing that urgent matters are addressed swiftly and efficiently. But, we always get to the root of the cause first – as we are are experts in our field, ensuring you are never out unnecessary expenses. We know rules, regulations, who is responsible for what, and what the primary fix is for nearly every situation that could occur in a home.

In the realm of property management, time is of the essence, and that’s why we’ve also implemented real-time notifications into our systems. From the moment a work order is submitted to the completion of repairs, you are kept in the loop with updates as they happen. This level of transparency not only ensures that you are aware of the progress but also reflects our commitment to proactive communication and accountability with our owners and clients, with you.

Marketing and Leasing Excellence

At M&D Property Management and at M&D Real Estate, our vision is to revolutionize real estate through relationships and cutting-edge marketing. So, our commitment to excellence in marketing transcends the routine and extends into the dynamic where we emoky a full, in-house team of degreed professionals to market and lease your property strategically and quickly, resulting in less vacancy time.

We recognize that successfully navigating the leasing landscape requires not only expertise but a proactive approach that anticipates market changes and maximizes your property’s earning potential. Our multifaceted strategy encompasses a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) as a prelude to each new tenant cycle, ensuring that your property remains optimally positioned in alignment with the latest market dynamics and that you bring in the height of income while not scaring away any potential tenants.

Our marketing prowess lies not only in the meticulous CMA we conduct, which involves all of our industry expertise, local expertise, and an in-depth analysis which delves into current market trends, competitor offerings, and the unique attributes of your property. The result is a strategic roadmap that enables us to fine-tune rental income, ensuring that your property remains competitive and attains its maximum earning potential. But again, our commitment doesn’t stop there.

Our dedicated team members, armed with digital marketing knowledge and a passion for excellence, stand ready to get professional photos, create professional video, ensure your property is listed on the MLS plus all third party sites like Zillow and Realtor.com and that you gain maximum exposure.

We then work hard to pre-qualify potential tenants. This not only streamlines the leasing process but ensures that individuals seeking residence in your property are a perfect fit. With their expertise, our team of residential agents helps to conduct property tours, providing potential tenants with a firsthand experience of the unique features and attributes that make your property stand out.

We believe in proactive leasing strategies as a means to not only minimize vacancies but also to unlock the full potential of your property. Our team guides potential tenants through the application process, offering assistance and clarity at every step. By fostering a positive and efficient leasing experience, we not only attract quality tenants but also enhance the overall experience of renting your property and the desirability of your residence in the competitive real estate market we find ourselves in today.

Legal Compliance and Protection

At M&D Property Management, we recognize that the legal landscape of property management can be intricate and ever-changing. Our commitment to your peace of mind goes beyond just managing your property; it extends to understanding and navigating the complexities of local and federal housing laws.

In the realm of legal compliance, our Lease Agreement and Addenda are not mere documents; they are meticulously crafted shields designed to provide you with broad protection while ensuring unwavering adherence to all relevant regulations.

Understanding the nuances of local and federal housing laws, and every line item of the lease agreement, is not just a matter of compliance for us – it’s a proactive strategy to shield your investment from potential legal pitfalls.


Our Lease Agreement is a comprehensive document that encapsulates the intricacies of the landlord-tenant relationship, outlining rights, responsibilities, and expectations for both parties involved. This careful documentation, crafted expertly over decades of experience, serves as a foundation for a transparent and legally sound partnership, setting the stage for a harmonious and stress-free property ownership and tenant rental experience.

Our Addenda are tailored to address specific legal nuances and local regulations, ensuring that your property is not just compliant but fortified against potential legal challenges. We leave no stone unturned, working diligently to stay abreast of any legal changes that may impact your property, and promptly updating our documentation to reflect the latest standards.

Now That You Know What Property Management Can Do For You, Consider M&D Property Management To Help You Maintain and Operate your Investment(s) Propert(ies)!

M&D Property Management is not just a property management service; we are your true partners in success. By offering comprehensive, tailored services, we aim to protect your investment, maximize your returns, and provide you with a stress-free ownership experience. Still wondering “what does a property manager do?”

We go the extra mile by treating your property as if it were our own, providing the utmost care and dedication and look after your home, your tenant, and your legal standing as if our lives depended on it!

Contact us today to begin your journey of investor simplicity, where your property thrives under our expert guidance, your ROI reaps the benefits, and you get the peace of mind you seek and deserve.

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