Essential Factors for Choosing the Right Brokerage

Unlocking Success in Commercial Real Estate: Essential Factors for Choosing the Right Brokerage


If you are a commercial agent looking to reach new heights in your real estate career, choosing the right brokerage can make all the difference in your success. Your firm serves as your support system, providing you with access to the tools, resources, and guidance you need to navigate the industry and achieve your goals. Here are factors to look for when choosing a brokerage.

High-Level Marketing

M&D Real Estate provides its agents with access to a team of professionals who can assist with listing preparation, ensuring they have the support they need to succeed in their business. This means that agents can focus on building their business while the support team takes care of the marketing and administrative details.

The brokerage has a full in-house marketing team that helps agents effectively promote their listings and build their personal brand. The marketing team creates customized agent posts, videos for every listing, and ads featuring properties and agents paid for by the broker.

Marketing Process

M&D’s dedicated Commercial Listing Marketing Specialist is responsible for guiding commercial agents through the marketing process, from the initial onboarding to the completion of the listing. The marketing specialist’s role is to make the agent’s job easier by taking on all aspects of marketing the property. This includes taking photographs and measurements, ordering customized property signage, creating marketing mock-ups for potential incoming properties, creating flyers and property websites, and updating listings. The listing specialist also personalizes agent content to better communicate with sellers and improve marketing performance.

By taking care of the marketing process, the listing specialist allows agents to focus on what they do best: getting the best deal for their client. If agents have any questions or concerns, the listing specialist is always available to help. This level of support from the marketing team ensures that agents have the marketing resources they need to stand out in a competitive industry.

The brokerage has a full in-house marketing team that helps agents effectively promote their listings and build their personal brand. The marketing team creates customized agent posts, videos for every listing, and ads featuring properties and agents paid for by the broker.

Transaction Support

Brokerages that offer transaction coordinators and support can be a huge time saver for commercial agents. M&D Real Estate’s transaction team assists agents with every listing and offer, ensuring contracts are executed efficiently and with no errors.

Having a support team that can knowledgeably and quickly prepare listing documents and contracts, send out key updates on your behalf, and secure important signatures in a timely manner, allows you to focus your time on negotiations for your client as well as on generating more business and executing more deals.


Location can matter a great deal when choosing a brokerage. For instance, M&D Real Estate is located in the booming eastern Dallas Metroplex, an underserved area with a lot of commercial activity. The brokerage’s location provides a competitive edge, being one of the few firms in an area that specializes in commercial properties. As a result of M&D Real Estate’s strategic office locations, the firm has built a reputation as a go-to resource for businesses and individuals looking to buy or lease commercial real estate in the eastern Dallas Metroplex.

This factor also gives M&D Real Estate a unique ability to provide solid leads for its commercial agents. With deep understanding of the local market and high visibility, the firm can identify potential buyers and tenants easily to connect them with the right properties. This helps agents to close deals quickly and efficiently.

Strategic Office Locations


There are many types of commercial entities, often requiring an agent to focus on just one special area of the commercial real estate industry. 

One of the benefits of working with a firm like M&D Real Estate is that as a full-service firm, the brokerage deals in all types of commercial properties. This means that agents do not have to specialize in a specific type of property and can instead work with a wide range of clients with different needs. This flexibility allows agents to build a diverse portfolio of clients and expand their knowledge and expertise in different areas of the industry.

M&D’s focus on commercial listings has also given the agents at the firm a deep understanding of the unique needs and challenges of businesses and investors in the eastern Dallas Metroplex. M&D agents receive regular training and are well-versed in the surrounding areas’ zoning, regulations, and property taxes and can therefore better help businesses navigate the complex process of buying or leasing commercial real estate.

Office Space and Comprehensive Training

M&D Real Estate provides its agents with office space at no additional charge. This allows agents to have a professional office where they can focus, collaborate and meet with clients in a comfortable setting. This feature also highlights the company’s commitment to supporting its agents’ success.

Furthermore, brokerages should provide consistent training opportunities so agents can stay up to date on their knowledge, the markets, tips and trends. At M&D, agents participate in weekly training sessions and also receive one-on-one coaching to help them develop a personalized plan to achieve their goals. One-on-one mentoring by M&D Commercial Directors also ensure agents can easily get questions answered when they have a particularly complex property or contract to navigate.

In addition, M&D’s weekly training covers a range of topics, from lead generation and negotiating deals at a high level, to contracts and how best to utilize industry resources like CoStar (which is provided to every agent at no additional charge), all helps to ensure that agents possess the skills and knowledge they need to succeed as a top-producer in their business.

Office Space

High-Quality Technology and Strong Internet Presence

Firms and brokerages that focus on search engine optimization (SEO) and paid social media and Google ads can help its agents gain visibility for their business and listings. This ensures that agents can reach a wider audience and attract more clients to their business.

Commercial agents should also ensure its brokerage provides a solid CRM system. At M&D, agents’ CRM’s are managed by the marketing team – which regularly sends out properties to a vast network as well as promoting the agents to their sphere on a regular basis.

In addition, commercial agents should choose a firm with an intense focus on technology that helps to close more deals. For instance, M&D Real Estate utilizes SharpLaunch, an industry leading property website builder to ensure every commercial listing has its own dedicated website and gets ranked in internet searches. Clients evaluating multiple agents have been known to choose M&D Real Estate for some of these factors alone – the use of cutting-edge marketing and technology at M&D is second to none.

This level of technology support and resources a brokerage provides ensures that agents have the tools they need, and the visibility for their business, to efficiently manage their leads, market themselves and their properties, and stay ahead of the competition.

Credible Brand

A reputable brand is key. M&D Real Estate agents regularly laude the fact that they might make the initial call, but M&D’s reputation and high visibility and branding precedes itself and lends itself to helping close the deal.

Brokerages with a good reputation as a high-quality firm with stellar marketing and branding make it much easier for its agents to establish credibility with new clients. A strong brand also helps attract new clients to the brokerage, ensuring a steady stream of business and new leads for its agents.

In addition, the brokerage you choose should have rave reviews and high ratings across the internet to ensure a steady stream of business and new clients. M&D Real Estate is proud to have a 5-Star rating on Google and Facebook, ensuring when potential clients are looking for a commercial firm, M&D stays at the top and forefront in rankings and in customer satisfaction.

M&D Real Estate Reviews

Supportive Culture

A brokerage should have a strong collaborative and supportive culture for an agent to feel good about their workplace and comfortable collaborating, asking questions and growing as an agent.

M&D has a strong team culture that emphasizes this type of collaboration, support, and community involvement, helping agents work more effectively as an individual and as a team.

This type of atmosphere and culture ensures that agents have a network of peers they can rely on at all times for advice and support.

Choose M&D Real Estate for Commercial Real Estate Success

Finding the right real estate firm is crucial for commercial agents who want to achieve success in the real estate industry. M&D Real Estate stands out as a top choice for Dallas-Fort Worth agents looking to take their careers to the next level.

With a focus on high-level support, comprehensive training, advanced marketing and technology, and a strong team culture, M&D Real Estate provides commercial agents with the atmosphere, tools and resources they need to excel in their business. The company’s ability to handle all types of commercial listings and generate leads also sets it apart from other brokerages in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.  

If you’re a commercial agent looking to build your business and achieve your goals, choosing M&D Real Estate can make all the difference. Give any of our agents a call – they will be happy to share their own experience and success they have achieved as part of this dynamic and fast-growing firm.

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