Moving day is always stressful and chaotic no matter what. Here is the top list of things that you can do to prepare for moving that will make it easier and smoother on the big day.

1. Find a Time That Is Convenient for You to Move

Moving takes weeks to prepare for, and it can even take days to move all your belongings from one house to another and get somewhat settled into your new home. So, when planning your moving day or days, make sure to take off from work and clear your schedule, if necessary, to reduce your stress and optimize your time during the big move.

2. Research Moving Companies

One of the most crucial parts of moving is how you plan to get your belongings from Point A to Point B. If you plan to hire a moving service to assist you in moving your things, make sure to check their credentials, online reviews, and prices. With something as important as moving, you want to make sure you hire an affordable, reliable, and efficient company.

3. Purge your Belongings

Moving is stressful, especially if it is from a bigger space to a smaller space. To alleviate some unnecessary stress, declutter your house. Anything you don’t wear, use, need or want, get rid of or throw out. You could even donate or sell items online using Facebook marketplace to pay for some of the moving expenses. There is no reason to bring your clutter with you to your fresh start.

4. Replace Appliances

When preparing to move, it is the perfect time to replace things, especially appliances like washers, dryers, and refrigerators that require a lot of tedious work to move and replace. Since you already must move everything from one house to the next, there is no reason to drag along your old or broken appliances if you can afford to replace them and save yourself from the trouble of having to do it later.

5. Collect Packing Supplies

With all the expenses associated with moving piling up, there is no reason to add another expense to that list. Things like boxes you can get for free, whether it’s saving them from your online orders, asking your neighbors to give them to you instead of throwing them out or even buying them from someone else at a lower price, you can easily reduce the amount that you spend on packing supplies and use that money for something else.

6. Start Packing EARLY

Packing up your things is one of the most stressful and overwhelming parts of moving. It is easy to get unorganized and even forget to pack some things. To make it easier on yourself, start packing as soon as possible. Things like decorations, off-season clothes, and any items that are in your storage facility, garage, or attic aren’t essential and can be packed away weeks before you move. Doing this means that when it gets closer to moving day, you can focus on packing up essentials and getting all your last-minute to-dos done.

7. Stay Organized

When packing and planning your move, it is important to stay organized so that everything goes smoothly, and you do not forget to do anything. Good ways to stay organized would be to label all your boxes, know where they belong in the new house, and have a to-do list to make sure that all your ducks are in a row.

8. Clean your Old and New House

Both your old and new house must be clean so that everything flows nicely on the day of the move. If you clean both beforehand, you can start unpacking your new house as soon as you get everything inside, and you won’t have to go back to your old house after the move to deep clean for the new owners. Cleaning both houses before you move gives you one less thing to do on a very chaotic day.

Planning for your moving day is essential for the success of your move. Being prepared on the day of will make everything so much easier for you to manage and be able to get the job done efficiently and with ease.