Project Leasing Services

Our Landlord Representation team will make sure to showcase your property’s full potential by developing a thorough understanding of your space along with its target audience. Then, by combining our expert knowledge of the market and cutting-edge marketing techniques, we will position your property for success and ultimately secure the perfect tenant. Helping your property stand out in the marketplace is our specialty. We will work hard to understand your property’s unique features and amenities which make it attractive to prime tenants.

Our negotiation skills paired with our expert level guidance in the structure of your lease will make sure to maximize your return. M&D Commercial will be sure to minimize your risk by ensuring a well-structured lease that has been well negotiated to your favor. M&D will also help you build the strategies into your leasing agreement to ensure successful results and an optimal outcome.

Successful Project Leasing starts with securing the right tenants/tenant mix. We will look at the tenant’s credit ratings, history, the market stats as well as the effect of business cycles to ensure the economic outlook is desirable and in your best interest. We will then help ensure your property is well maintained, protected, and preserved through focused lease agreement structures.

An added, optional benefit to help ensure success, M&D also offers Property Management. Our property management team works hard to ensure high tenant retention by staying in close contact with you and the tenant, which will help maintain strong relationships throughout. Because of this, we have a great track record of low vacancy rates and high tenant retention. We take the burden of management duties off your hands, which will allow you to sit back and enjoy your investment.

M&D Landlord Representation Services include the following:

• Building improvement suggestions

• Successful positioning of the property

• Property, location and market analyses - providing a detailed and customized market analysis, including demographics and traffic reports

• Cutting edge-marketing strategies

• Leasing strategies to maximize your return and protect your investment

• Close coordination of leasing with property/construction management

• Build-to-suit planning

• Targeted tenant database development

• Actively seeking out prospects

Tenant Representation Services

Our aim is to find the perfect real estate solution for our clients. Our knowledgeable team will facilitate this process by locating and then presenting properties that will be sure to meet your needs. We are market experts and know the “ins and outs” of all different types of leases to make sure you, the tenant, get a great space under the best possible terms. We will work closely alongside you to identify spaces that fit your specific needs by using our sound market expertise and conducting thorough research.

We handle the negotiation process with leasing brokers from initial contact to lease execution so you can be confident of securing favorable terms all the while will guiding you through the entire process. We will have your back every step of the way and will make sure you are never left in the dark. Getting the right space under the right terms is huge to your ultimate success as a business. We understand this and will work to make sure your future is secured.

Don’t risk losing out on tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars over the long term. The right tenant representation means bringing a high level of expertise to building out the leasing agreements and ensuring your tenant rights. We will work hard to minimize your risk and ensure all your needs met so that your business can be successful so that you can focus on doing what you do best.

We can help you navigate your property search, no matter your situation:

• Lease Renewals

• Expansions

• Relocations

• Real Estate Purchases

• Practice Acquisitions and Transitions

• Start-Ups

We will use our market expertise to find you a property based on your unique needs – working our connections along with our databases coupled with a deep understanding of the local market:

• Demographics and Mapping

• Market Evaluations

• Financial Analysis

• Site Selection

• Purchase vs. Lease Evaluation

• Lease Analysis

• Lease Terms Negotiations