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Copy of Dallas Fort Worth 2022 Housing Market Recap & Forecast For 2023

Dallas Fort-Worth 2022 Housing Market Recap & 2023 Forecast

People are still flocking to the D-FW Metroplex. We have some of the hottest zip codes in America here – and U-Haul just put out their report saying that the majority of people are moving to Texas. The demand is here, we just need affordability which was what the Fed was working to do. So if we see prices come down just a little bit more, we will get back to more normal activity as far as transactions are concerned.

Dallas-Fort Worth Real Estate Housing Market Sees Pause in Transactions

Dallas-Fort Worth Housing Market Stalls Out

To kick off this housing market update, I can sum up what’s going on in one word. We are still in a… PAUSE. The market is shifting, and it is shifting hard. We’re seeing a lot of price reductions, and we have much more of that to go before we really get past this pause we are in right now.

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