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Commercial Real Estate Market Update July 2022

Dallas Commercial Real Estate Market Update

It’s time for a Commercial Market Update, and there is quite a lot to talk about. The market is shifting right now. There’s some relief for some buyers coming from it looks like, but not all sectors are shifting right now. Let me be clear on that. I want to talk through the different sectors of multi-family, industrial, retail and office and let you in on more about what’s going on in each of these areas in the the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex right now.

Tips on Choosing the Best Commercial Broker

Tips on Choosing the Best Commercial Real Estate Broker

As a commercial property owner, investor or a business owner, you are potentially about to take a huge leap into the unknown. Before you do, it is important to get a good commercial real estate professional on your side who can navigate the way and the best deal possible for you. There are a few key traits we have identified that are the most important when choosing the right broker.

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