It’s supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year but it might not feel that way when you are trying to sell a home.  With everything going on, you might ask yourself it is better to wait until the spring when the market is known to be more lively.  Curiously enough, selling your home during the holiday season presents some unique advantages that would not be found come springtime.   First and foremost, there will be less homes listed and could also mean less chance of a bidding war.  In addition, buyers tend to be more serious when searching for properties over the holidays which means a shorter path to closing.  Lastly, potential buyers get see your home and your neighborhood at their finest.  Having a decorated home will entice buyers by showing them that this can be the house where they celebrate traditions and create memories for years to come.  Here’s how you can make your home the best gift to someone this holiday season. 

Price Your Home Right 

Before listing your home, work with an agent to strategize your initial listing price.  Many agents suggest listing at a lower price upfront rather than making small cuts along the way.  Take note of your homes unique features vs others in the area.  These features can allow you to increase your listing price while also giving you an edge over the competition.  Pricing your home to sell will draw in more potential buyers and ensure a quicker offer. 

Enhance Curb Appeal and Decorate Your Home 

Before heading straight to the tinsel and lights, start with making sure your house looks its best from the outside.  Even though your yard will not be as pretty as the summertime, there are still things you can do to sway buyers.  Start with raking your yard and removing any weeds that may be growing.  You can also make sure your driveway is weed free and safe to drive on if you live in a colder area.  Another outside touch that can up your curb appeal is making sure your gutters are clean and empty. This often neglected touch can make the biggest difference.  Inside your home you can: replace any broken lightbulbs, touch up paint, replace cabinet hardware, get carpets cleaned, and any other repairs that will make your home cheery. 

When decorating while your house is on the market, try to keep your decorations on the more traditional/classic side.  This does not mean to buy all new decorations but maybe it’s not the best idea to put up the 20 foot inflatable Santa this year.  Tasteful outdoor lighting and cheery indoor decorations make a world of difference when a buyer is considering whether your home could be their own. 

Update Your Listing Photos  

If you are newly listing your house for the holidays or your house has been on the market but has not seen a lot of action, it might be worthwhile to take new photos of your home in the holiday spirit.  Photos of your home decorated for the holidays can persuade potential buyers to want to see your home in person as well. 

Overall, it is worth it to sell your home during the holidays even if it is an unconventional time of year to do so but most of all, don’t forget to enjoy some hot cocoa in the process!

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