WHAT IS THE L.E.A.P. Program?

Our mission with the L.E.A.P. Program is to empower new real estate agents with the knowledge and skills necessary to become top performers in the industry. Through our comprehensive 8-week training program, we provide hands-on experience, interactive learning, and access to the latest tools and resources. 

At M&D Real Estate, we believe that every agent has the potential to be a 5-Star Agent, and it is our commitment to provide the support and guidance needed to achieve that level of excellence. Our goal is to set our agents up for success, while maintaining the highest standards of quality, professionalism and integrity in everything we do.

M&D's New Agent Program is Designed & Led By Top-Performing M&D Agents

Hands-On, 8-Week-Program

L.E.A.P. is a coaching program that will expand for 8 weeks and 12 transactions.  The program will consist of live training, interactive learning, and the best tools and techniques in the industry to help you best serve your clients.  This is a hands-on program, meaning you will actively work with your clients in class and learn through experience how to best serve both your buyer and seller clients.  You will learn everything you need to know, from setting the first appointment to closing the deal and then retention, to secure long-term business and referrals from very satisfied clients.

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Why Choose M&D Real Estate to L.E.A.P Into Your Career?

M&D Real Estate provides its agent with a level of TRUE hands-on support in marketing, listing support, training/coaching and transaction support that is unprecedented in this industry. Call every other firm you are considering today and ask if they provide the following…

Leap Program - M&D Offering

Unlike any other firm out there, M&D has an In-House Marketing Team assembled from World-Class Real Estate and Marketing Pros. 


  • Manage your database, including all data entry and campaigns and content creation
  • Runs specialized campaigns to nurture your leads
  • Creates weekly customized social media graphics and videos for you to post to your followers
  • Creates paid digital ads featuring you and your listings
  • Professional photography for every listing (Paid by M&D)
  • Professional video for every listing (Paid by M&D)
  • Social media marketing across all channels for each listing
  • At your disposal to create any and all marketing requests and designs for you at no extra charge

Unlike any other firm out there, M&D provides Listing Specialists for every single listing.

  • Schedules & Attends Listing Appointment 
  • Gets all details, additional signatures, takes measurements and meets Photographer, places Sign and lockbox at the home 
  • Performs ALL input into MLS
  • Crafts Unique, Attention-Getting Property Descriptions to make your listing shine

Unlike any other firm out there, M&D provides Transaction Coordinators for every single listing, saving you time, streamlining processes, and omitting all errors. 

  • Uploads and sends all documents for signatures
  • Writes offers and contracts
  • Sends contracts to sellers and performs all communications with Title, Lender, Buyer Agent, and Seller on Timelines and Dates
  • Performs assistance with all closing duties and scheduling

M&D sends new, warm leads your way on a regular basis, straight to your database and inbox! 

  • Our marketing team works hard to generate new leads that we round-robin between all of our agents.
  • M&D Leads are WARM leads.
  • Once you join the “Que Call,” you can answer and help any leads that call M&D Offices. First come, first serve!
  • You will also notice an uptick of new leads generated by the constant efforts of your marketing team to gain exposure for you and your listings.

M&D has the #1 real estate CRM in the world, KVCORE! If you were to purchase this as an individual agent, it would cost about $6,000. Not only do we offer this to you, but we help you manage it!

  • Smart Campaigns to Nurture Your Leads, Managed by Marketing Team
  • Personal Website – You get your own website via KVCore where you can collect leads, direct potential sellers and post information for your followers. 
  • KVCore Offers Squeeze Pages, Landing Pages, and much, much more to help you generate leads and direct people to your website. 
  • KVCore allows you to seamlessly manage your pipeline, stay in touch with your contacts and perform all communications, including text, e-mail and calls all in one place.
  • KVCore offers an easy-to-use app that keeps your database in the palm of your hand so you can work on the go
  • KVCore also offers a unique, Open House app to collect potential lead information and so much more.

M&D has offices in both Forney and Rockwall where agents can set up their computers, work and utilize the conference room, printer/copier and have access to a quiet desk, perfect for keeping you on a routine, or when making your lead calls and drumming up new business. 

  • Two physical office locations – in Forney and Rockwall
  • Access to desk, cubicle, internet, conference room, copier/printer, quiet space to work daily and interact with colleagues or hold meetings
  • This is all included at no additional charge to you

M&D has the most amazing, supportive team and culture! Everyone is competitive, but SO SUPPORTIVE of each other. We like to work hard and play hard and give back to our communities. 

  • Super supportive, team atmosphere
  • Regular events, including happy hours / service projects every month for M&D Agents and Staff
  • Annual Client Parties where your clients are invited to be wined and dined for a night. Some of these have been held at large event venues where we held casino nights — others have been hosted at places like the Horse Races. You even get to invite all of your past clients to come to help your referral business.


Here is what our amazing AGENTS are saying about choosing M&D!

"When I decided to come and see what M&D had to offer, I was in a state of mind that I desperately needed a coach because everything I had been doing up to that point (as a newer agent) was not getting me any business at all.  I really wanted to hire Amber Joy because of her marketing plan which was geared to your sphere but she was too expensive for me. I was feeling hopeless and desperate. When Danny explained M&D’s market strategy and that the marketing team was in house, I was floored! It’s very similar to that of Amber Joy’s program, but included within the firm! My mind was blown! I literally would go to bed at night thinking about why not to make the move (there really were no good reasons), and I would wake up thinking “why haven’t I made the decision to interview with M&D”! After praying about it, I knew without a doubt it was the best decision for growing my business. As a newer agent, I had never really marketed to my sphere. After my first training meeting and hearing Danny teach how he runs comps, again my mind was blown! It makes a huge difference to have a broker who actually cares enough to take time to teach you,  educating you on how to be the best agent you can be -and a market expert… and has FUN while teaching you how to negotiate! There has never been a moment where I questioned am I making the right decision moving over to M&D! Danny and the entire office make it so easy to want to succeed. Even on those difficult days or moments, I know that I can go to Angie, Tommy, Danny, Wendi, or ANY agent in the office and talk through any situation! That is HUGE, y’all! Every single person within M&D is so supportive and genuine about helping others succeed! Danny absolutely stands by M&D’s values of integrity, loyalty, and sacrifice! I feel so blessed to part of such an amazing, authentic, and innovative firm!"
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Tess Stephenson
"1) Having a broker-owner present- A lot of these brokerage are a satellite location of some sort and do not have an actual broker to guide/protect/assist if a tricky situation requires broker to intervene or even just as a mentor. 2) Having in-house marketing that does above and beyond average - so much time used to be wasted on creating a very amateur post on my own. So much money on trying different lead sources and not enough content created on my own. 3) Having a back office so you don’t need to deal with/waste time (to a degree) with any of the logistics of contract/scheduling pictures/putting up signs/posting to MLS/writing property brief etc. 4) Having office space with a designated station as long as you are committed to working from office. 5) Having a director as your first point of contact and mentoring. 6) Being part of a full-service firm allowing you to be exposed to other RE avenues/leverage it (in my first year with M&D, I did a land sale, a condo sale, a house sale and was able to bring in a commercial client). 7) Weekly training where you actually get trained on a specific topic and gain knowledge and experience. 8) Team meetings keeping you current on market status. 9) Team activities and general work identity making you part of a “family”. 10) Having a team leader that is there not only to make sure everything runs smoothly but also to care for you on a more personal level. 11) Leadership consisting of high-level professionals that are also always there to help (being nice is not to be taken lightly). 12) Being selective and interviewing agents and not accepting just anyone - everyone says it, but I think M&D is the only one I saw that actually practices it."
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Or Segali
"I've wondered for years how to break the glass ceiling on my business. I listened to the podcasts, read the books and did all the things like investing in coaches, leads, marketing and so much more. I tried different teams & brokerages. I tried building my own team. Nothing was working. It took one year... It was the environment. Everyone is everyone's cheerleader. I would hang out with these people any day. They aren't just fun, but they are people that I can learn and grow with professionally & personally. It's that M&D has provided me with the growth environment I needed, and to be with the tools that fill in where I am not equipped. M&D has provided the systems to allow me to solely focus on my people -- whether they are sellers, buyers, landlords or tenants. There is no other explanation. I am doing the same things with my people, only because I don't have to focus on the things that were stealing my focus, joy & energy working before. I have seen a 70% increase in business. M&D REAL ESTATE GROUP is the answer I was looking for, and now I am able to help so many more people while spending time with the people who matter the most to me."
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