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What M&D Provides to Grow Your Business

Marketing Support

Marketing team does all database nurturing, custom social media posts, and all listing promotions, digital ads, marketing requests, listing presentations and marketing materials and resources all customized for you.

Paid Marketing Materials

M&D Agents have all of their professional photography and videos for listings paid for by firm. In addition, M&D runs digital ads on agents and listings at no cost to you. All of your business cards, and half of all your sign costs are paid by the firm.

Listing Specialists

Listing Specialists attend the listing appointment, gather details, take measurements, leave sign & lockbox, perform all MLS input, write expert property descriptions and communicate with marketing/transaction team.

Transaction Coordinators

Transaction Coordinators complete and send all contracts, amendments, documents for signatures, communicate with clients about important dates, and more.

Latest Tools

You'll get Microsoft Office 365 Suite, and trained on using it, DotLoop, KVCore Database and Personal Website.

Essential Trainings

Weekly Training on Important Topics, such as marketing, lead generation, negotiation strategy, contracts, KVCore, interest rates and loan types, the real estate market, and much more. Plus, you receive one-on-one coaching whenever you need it from your office director.

Quality Leads

Just answer the phone or check your email to receive regular M&D leads to fuel your pipeline. Not to mention, SOI was 70% of M&D's business last year. And nearly half of that was from drip campaigns nurturing agents' databases.

Vibrant Culture

M&D Agents say their favorite thing about M&D is the amazing culture of innovation, learning, collaboration, supportive staff and directors, and fun events and team meetings that make work feel like a safe, exciting, and cutting-edge place to be!

Office Space

All agents can utilize cubicle/office space, conference room, printer/scanner to work out of daily at no additional fee.


Are you a new agent?

Learn More About M&D's L.E.A.P. Program!

If you recently got your real estate license but still feel like you need more hands-on experience and knowledge about managing the day-to-day aspects of being a real estate agent and, if you want to learn more about how to grow your real estate business, this program is for you! NO upfront costs to participate. All classes, technology, tools, and support staff are included in your commission split!

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In a 2023 Agent Survey, 96% of M&D Agents reported feeling "extremely satisfied" with how M&D has grown their business! And, 100% of M&D Agents also reported having a better work-life balance since coming on board!


Our stellar 5-star reputation generates more business for our agents. 

Listings in 2023

We are the #1 Listing Firm in Rockwall, Kaufman, and Hunt Counties.

Average Agent Income

The average agent income nationally is just $77,000. M&D Agents brought home $130,000 on average in 2023.

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Marketing Support

M&D employs a full, in-house professional marketing team to help grow agents’ business and to get listings maximum exposure. 

Database Nurturing

M&D employs a professional content writer and SEO specialist to manage your database and send out drip campaigns on your behalf that keep you constantly in front of your sphere and new leads.

Listing Marketing

You will have professional photos and a video for every listing. Marketing promotes your listings across all M&D channels, with more than 22,000 followers and sets paid ads on all listings. In addition, all agents share each other's listings so your client's property will get maximum exposure. Then, M&D creates Open House flyers and promotes your Open House. Also, you can request marketing activity reports and reverse prospecting e-blasts to really push the envelope on marketing your listing.

Custom Marketing Materials

You will have multiple types of listing presentations, all customized for you, to present to clients. You will also get free business cards, a digital business card, weekly custom social media posts and high quality signage (half of signs paid by M&D).



Support Team Waving (1)

M&D Provides Agents with Listing Specialists and Transaction Coordinators at no additional cost. 


Latest Tools and Technology

M&D offers agent the latest tools and technology to stay ahead of the curve and provide you with every advantage to succeed.

Office 365 Agent Support

Office 365 & DotLoop

M&D utilizes Microsoft Office 365 tools and provides agents with the full suite of products to manage their business. You will be fully trained on all systems, in-person, when you begin the onboarding process. M&D also provides agents with DotLoop accounts for smoother transactions.


KVCore is the industry-leading Custom Relationship Management tool. Agents would pay $6,000 annually, but this is paid by M&D! The marketing team builds your database, performs all data entry, campaign management, lead nurturing, drip campaigns and segmenting for you.
KVCore Agent Website

Agent Website

All M&D agents receive their own personal website. Your listings are on your website, there are search tools and seller tools to offer value to potential clients and it has a lead capturing system so that new leads go straight into your KVCore database. You can also feature a blog, profile, testimonials and more on your website.


The work environment

M&D offers agents industry-leading trainings, a vibrant culture, and physical office space to stay on task and motivated.

Agent Training

M&D trains agents weekly, in-office or with a remote option, on topics such as lead generation, contracts, negotiation strategy, understanding the market trends, and more. These trainings are facilitated by M&D Directors and agents say this is one of their favorite aspects of being a part of the firm. Additionally, M&D Directors provide agents with one-on-one coaching whenever they need it. Our team also utilizes Microsoft Teams to collaborate and agents frequently help each other by answering questions and supporting each other.

Vibrant Culture

M&D's culture of innovation, supportiveness, motivation, and inspiration are unmatched. Agents often find their business grows as a result of being around such supportive people, in such a collaborative and continuous learning environment. M&D does regular service projects as a team, in addition to hosting Happy Hours, fun parties throughout the year and everyone that joins feels a part of tight-knit work family where everyone celebrates your success and works alongside you to help you achieve your biggest goals.

Office Space For All Agents

M&D provides professional physical locations in every city where it operates so agents have a place to make their own, setting up their own office space where they can come to work daily and keep their momentum around like minded agents and staff. In addition M&D has state of the art equipment, printers/scanners and large conference rooms for agents to utilize. We also partner with Lawyer's TItle, who is on site at all of our locations for quality control and easy closings.

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