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Pam Hunger has a wide range of accounting knowledge and nearly two decades of experience, enabling her to provide essential accounting support as well as relevant advice and accurate reporting to investors in the areas of accounting, budgeting, forecasting and ultimately, ensuring a healthy ROI over the long-term.

Pam graduated from Texas Tech University Summa Cum Laude. Since then, she has worked in all manner of accounting and finance roles for companies ranging from a national payroll processing company to a software developer, private family office and commercial real estate firm. She has held all manner of responsibilities, including maintaining all accounts and quarterly schedules for public equities and private investment returns, overseeing all accounts payable and property taxes for multiple installation locations for Hertz Corporation -- and most recently, Pam was the Accounting Manager for a major corporation where she was responsible for high volume payroll taxes in approximately 45 states, as well as numerous other accounting functions.

Pam has vast knowledge of all accounting systems and best practices, enabling her to be a major asset to M&D as well as our property management clients.

At M&D, Pam handles all accounts receivable, payables, owner reporting and account reconciliations, bank reconciliations, account auditing, budgeting services and annual commercial account reconciliation. Having an in-house accountant with decades of experience to handle all accounts, monthly reporting statements and to manage the flow of monthly income and disbursement to owners is an enormous benefit for clients who choose M&D Property Management services.

When Pam is not working with numbers and serving clients, she enjoys gardening, hiking and glamping!

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