Property Management in Rockwall TX

Property Management in Rockwall, TX


Are you Ready to hire a local Rockwall Property Management company that will protect your investment in every way?

Many individuals and investors who own rental properties in or around Rockwall, TX do not have the knowledge, resources, or time to manage the property themselves. So, after some amount of consideration, they choose to hire a good property management company to assist them with the everyday management of the rental home (or portfolio of rental homes.) That’s where we come in.

M&D Real Estate’s Property Management Group has grown 300% in the past year. M&D Property Management based out of Rockwall, Texas, is also rated all 5 Stars on Google with zero negative reviews. Why is M&D Property Management so popular among Rockwall and surrounding area Investors and Property Owners?

Well, because we believe that local, hands-on management is best and can prove it. It is proven by having the time, resources, and local people (who are property management experts) to regularly provide in-person home inspections and hands-on observations and care of the property, in addition to offering easy, face-to-face communication with owners and tenants.

M&D Property Management in Rockwall, TX employs only the best experts in the industry, with decades of experience in managing rental properties, screening tenants, and ensuring that owners get the best return on their investment.


  • At M&D, we screen tenants thoroughly and methodically; we have an excellent track record of securing high-quality tenants leading to nearly zero evictions
  • Tenant maintenance requests made simple through online portals & 24/7 phone support
  • Organize and handle all maintenance visits and repairs, with the approval of the owner
  • Owners are updated in real-time on any maintenance issues
  • Owners have access to detailed property account information on demand through the owner portal
  • We coordinate and prepare all upgrades, and cleanings for new tenant cycle
  • We have in-house maintenance that charges lower rates for most issues than other contractors and vendors
  • We offer tenants multiple options for payment methods
  • We organize professional, timely visits to assess repairs and always discuss approvals with owners. We keep your investment and cash flow at the forefront.


In addition, M&D offers Property Management clients in Rockwall and surrounding areas excellent price-setting comps and information, stellar leasing abilities and proven marketing tactics to ensure low vacancy rates for owners.

  • We offer comparative market analysis before each new tenant cycle to ensure that your property can maximize its rental income.
  • Advertising strategies to lease your rental home include marketing on over 200+ internet sites through our subscriptions, as well as our well-developed social media platforms with 25,000+ followers in the area a social media reach numbering in the millions, and cutting-edge marketing tactics such as paid social ads, SEO, and more. We also create high-quality videos for every single lease listing! Did you know that property listings with video get an average of 403% more inquiries than those without video?
  • Dedicated team members are also readily available to pre-quality inquiring tenants, give them a tour of the property and guide them through the application process


Again, we must tout our screening process, which has proven time and again to work well and ensure high-quality tenants who take care of the property and pay their rent on time. How do we screen tenants?

  • We run a credit check, background check, employment verification check, and rental history verification
  • Review suitable tenants with you if you choose to ensure the best match for your property
  • Lease agreements designed to give you broad protection and comply with local and federal housing laws
  • Handling all move-in and move-out walk-throughs to ensure the integrity of your investment
  • Holding of all security deposits in a trust account, receipt of rents, and distribution of all funds accordingly.

At M&D Property Management in Rockwall, we believe that your property should be treated as if it were our own. Your tenant is our tenant. Our job is to make the process as worry-free as possible for you while you collect investment income. We work with you, our client, every step of the way to ensure maximized earnings, the protection of your property, seamless management, and satisfied tenants.


At M&D Property Management in Rockwall, our fees are in line with average property management service fees in the area and we offer 5-star service. On average, property management companies will charge between 6% and 10%, depending on the services they offer.  

The time and money you stand to gain from our expert maintenance services, vendor partnerships and expertise in screening tenants make the investment well worth the cost.

If you have ever managed a property on your own, you know that there are so many difficult circumstances you would rather not have to deal with personally as the owner of the property. Let us take the headache and worry away from you and put your property in our hands where you are guaranteed to get top-notch property management services.


At M&D in Rockwall, we utilize all the most recent technology, tools, and trends in our management business and in our leasing strategies and interactions with tenants and owners. 

We are at the forefront of revolutionizing the property management industry with exceptional service and a local touch that our owners and tenants love.

We have incredibly high retention rates for both owners and tenants because of the excellent service and high level of expertise that we provide owners and tenants alike.

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