Paint color is the first thing that the buyer notices when they enter a room in what is potentially their next home. The color of that room can easily make or break that house for them. So, if you are thinking of selling your home, here are some colors to think about before putting it on the market. Paint colors alone can increase or decrease offers on your home by thousands of dollars, so here is what to choose and steer clear of!


Buyers prefer light, calming colors in the bathroom, making light blue one of the best colors to paint your bathrooms. It is shown that buyers pay up to 1.6 percent more for a home just because it has light blue bathrooms! The light blue is calming and inviting, while still maintaining a clean look.

Colors to avoid in bathrooms are bright yellow, green, and red, and the color pink. These colors decreased the buyers’ interest in viewing and making offers on homes. Bright colors are too overwhelming and chaotic, which buyers tend to steer clear of and you should, too if you are thinking of selling!


For the bedrooms, buyers like calming and comforting colors. Good choices for the bedrooms are dark and light blue, charcoal gray and forest green. These colors create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere that buyers are willing to pay up to $1,850 more for!

In bedrooms, bright yellow, green and the color pink are too bright and create an uninviting atmosphere for the buyers. These colors in the bedrooms lead to decreases in home value. Buyers were also less willing to tour properties with bedrooms painted these colors.

Living Room

In the living room, neutrals are the way to go. Homes with gray, brown, and beige living rooms saw a boost of up to $2,000 in their offer prices. These colors are calming and allow for buyers to easily envision the home as theirs without distraction.

In the living room, pink, bright green and bright yellow typically decrease interest in buying the home as well as the overall value of the house. Avoiding bright colors in the main living areas makes the home feel more relaxing and helps the rooms flow together better.


In the kitchen, simple is best. Black and white and light neutral colors are shown to increase the home’s value by $1,500 on average. These colors are simple and give the kitchen a more tranquil and clean feeling.

Colors to avoid in the kitchen are bright green, pink, bright yellow and bright red. It was shown that bright red could decrease offer prices by up to $1,500. These colors make the space feel chaotic and are shown to decrease interest in homes, especially with kitchens being such a large focal point when buying a new home.

So, if you need to attract more potential buyers or want to increase the value of your home, consider painting your house (and make sure to choose the right colors). It’s a small investment for what you will get in return!

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