We protect your revenue stream by making your investment property an ideal place to call home. We make reporting issues easy and closely work with

you to make sound maintenance decisions.



ü  Tenants are able to make repair requests through their online tenant portal or via the property management hotline

ü  Determine emergent versus next day response and set tenant expectations

ü  24/7 phone support for urgent matters

ü  Help tenants resolve simple issues directly to avoid repair calls and delays

ü  Organize timely professional visits to assess repairs and discuss with the owner for approval. Keeping your investment and cash flow at the forefront

ü  Schedule repairs and maintain follow up with vendors and tenants to ensure quality work and repair satisfaction

ü  Organize ongoing maintenance such as pool, lawn, pest control and septic maintenance

ü  Handle all invoicing and deduct from rent or your operating account

ü  Coordinate cleaning, repair and upgrades in preparation for a new tenant cycle

ü  Optional home maintenance programs to ensure the upkeep and functionality of your investment

ü  Provide tenants with multiple payment methods

ü  Collect monthly rent, late fees, and other tenant charges

ü  Promptly pay all collected rents and fees to you, less deductions

ü  Prepare delinquent rent notices, assist with court filings and notification services on tenants

ü  Pursue evictions and attend court proceedings when required

ü  Conduct move-in and move-out inspections, documented with photos to represent the condition of the property

ü  Begin renewal process with current tenants 90-days before lease expiration

ü  Should the tenant choose to vacate the property at the end of their lease, list the property and begin showings promptly after the 30-day notice to vacate has been provided