Every holiday season, various new trends and elements come along to spice up our senses and traditional holiday décor plans! These new infusions into the traditional are both exciting and enticing to emulate as we look to freshen up our home’s look and our own personal stock of precious, festive Christmas items, ornaments and decorative gear!

For the 2021 holiday season, here are some fun and creative trends to try out and explore in your own home and Holiday Decorating adventures! 

Bright Colors!

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Christmas Tree Ornaments Image

Giant Ornaments

Again, with the main trend of this holiday season being to stand out, it’s time to ditch your standard lawn pieces. While inflatables, light up deer, and snowmen are fun and cute to have in your yard at this time of year, this year ornaments are in. Giant ornaments are cute, space efficient and easy to put out options for your yard this year for the holidays. They come in many sizes, colors, and patterns so you can match your home décor and stand out from your neighbors.

White Out

When you think of the holidays, snow is one of the main things that make this time of year so special. To bring that magical aspect inside your home, you can use white decorations, flocked Christmas trees and flocked wreathes and garland as decorations. Having white and snow themed decorations makes it feel like winter inside your home and gets you ready to celebrate the holiday season. 

Christmas Tree Card

Checkerboard Patterns

Checkerboard patterns are fun and classy. They are a good way to tie in the holiday colors and add a little bit of pattern to your holiday décor. The checkerboard pattern comes in many different colors and styles to perfectly match your décor no matter what the color scheme or theme! 

Earthy Tones

Earthy tones bring a simple and minimalistic look to your holiday decorations. This is a good choice to tie a room in together or to give your home a more natural feel for the holidays. You can also incorporate more vibrant colors in with these neutral tones to add some color to the space. 

Monochromatic Decorations

Monochromatic holiday décor themes keep your space looking classy and clean. Monochromatic decorations will keep your home from looking cluttered and busy and will make it look more sophisticated. Good colors to use for this type of décor are neutral colors, white, red, and green.

Christmas Tree Card With Chair

DIY Decorations

This year, try out making your own decorations. It will make your home have a unique and fun touch to it, as well as give you a fun holiday activity to enjoy with friends or family. There are tons of cut and fun ideas for DIY holiday decorations on Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.

Christmas Tree Gift Inside Glass Jar

Nature Inspired Decorations

Using decorations inspired by nature is a simple way to make your home feel lively and homey. Wreaths, garland and all kinds of trees, vines and leaves will add a nice touch to your holiday décor. Nature inspired decorations work well with simple, minimalistic, and neutral décor themes.

These holiday décor trends are perfect if you are looking to do something different for the holiday season. They are easy, fun and FESTIVE to make your holiday decorations interesting, special this year, and trendy for 2021! Happy Holidays, friends!

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