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Bigger isn’t necessarily better when it comes to property management service companies. Likely, some of you have already come to this conclusion on your own after witnessing and experiencing firsthand the best (and worst) of both worlds.

In the current era, there are many national discount firms that claim to offer the same level of service at a reduced rate. We all know you get what you pay for.

Why Local Beats The Competition?

It’s actually very simple. Local firms know each client and tenant, and care about every single one. It’s personal, it’s our community. This truth only serves to highlight the lack of service and passion often found in bigger firms. The level of service is simply different with a local firm, from being based in the community and understanding the market so much better, to visiting homes in person and offering more personal, concierge-level services to clients.

With M&D Property Management, you will find a culture much more centered around service, communication and PEOPLE over PROFIT. Our core values of integrity, loyalty and sacrifice are what fuels are culture and how we run our daily business.

Here are 4 BIG Reasons Property Owners Should Choose LOCAL MANAGEMENT:

1.      Innovation & Agility – National management firms tend to have “cookie cutter” vision when it comes to marketing and management. With a local firm who understands the market and competitive properties, you get a firm that know how to effectively target tenants, utilize area social media groups and have relationships with local agents. Unlike systematic national firms, local firms are able to implement change more quickly and effectively to meet the changing circumstances we currently live in. Property management is a business built around people, so you definitely want a management company that understands that and can adjust and evolve to best serve clients and tenants with agility!

2.      Experienced Team Members & Shared Vision – Local management firms often set themselves apart by the level of service they provide clients. How? Generally, more experienced team members make up a majority of the roster with lower rates of turnover. It is not a culture of “more and bigger and higher quantity” at all costs… As a whole, staff and agents are more experienced, have more longevity and better understanding of the market and people they serve, as well as typically have decades of industry knowledge. These teams are assembled purposefully and carefully. At M&D Property Management, we have a passion for the vision of the firm, focused on providing a higher level of service and being more innovative and dedicated than your average national firm.

3.      Culture of Community – Local management firms tend to be more embedded and committed to community than a national management firm. Our firm is intent on cultivating a culture of giving back, serving the community, participating in the community and we are family-oriented–and more of a work “family” and true team than just distant colleagues! As a whole, we work closely together as a cohesive unit to provide high-end service to clients. M&D is a full service firm, meaning in addition to property management, we offer residential and commercial real estate services all working together to provide a higher level of service for our clients across the board.

4.      Level of Attention – This is the big one and cannot be stressed enough. When you try to reach your property manager with a national firm, chances are you are being routed to an out of state call center first. Lack of communication and inability to reach someone is a complaint we hear from new clients continuously. You want to know you can reach your management team directly, with easy and open lines of communication, which is why our clients even have our cell numbers! The level of personal attention given to each client and their particular property or portfolio is truly what sets local firms above the national firms to most clients. At larger firms, you might often find agents and staff who have never even set eyes on a property they represent or manage, or who have not even had more than a single conversation with a client. Concierge service is what you get with local representation and management. This means exceptional, friendly, and immediate support. Changes happen quickly and efficiently when the client asks for it. There is no large corporate ladder or run around to get in touch with who you need to speak with to make a change or update or get feedback. Clients get 24/7 support. We care. And we’re committed.

To learn more about working with a local real estate firm and property management company, contact M&D Real Estate, specifically Susan Fish, Senior Property Manager, at (972) 521-8807.