You’ve spent countless hours looking for houses that meet your needs and budget.  The photos and location look perfect, this could be the one.  So how do we bring these photos to life?  The first step is to reach out and schedule a showing. 


Usually setting up a showing is a painless process.  Most listing websites will have a scheduling feature or way to contact the listing agent.  If this is not visible, most properties will be listed on multiple websites, and should be easy to find a way to schedule through another platform.  Once scheduled, you should receive information regarding directions, lock box codes (if necessary), realtor information, and/or special requests. 

Showing Day  

On the day of the showing, you should come prepared with questions and specifics you would like to know about the property.  When driving into the neighborhood, you should take note of: 

  • Sidewalks or trails 

  • Noise level 

  • Space between houses 

  • Condition of surrounding houses 

  • Neighbor demographics 

  • Accessibility 

  • Privacy and Security 

  • Neighborhood Amenities 

When you have arrived at the property, make sure to greet the realtor or follow the directions for a self-showing.  Always ask if shoes should be removed and if there are any rules you will need to follow, remember this is still someone’s house!  While touring, try to imagine how your life would be in the house.  Would the kitchen accommodate your cooking needs?  Would the bathroom accommodate three kids getting ready in the morning?  If the answers are mostly no then this might not be the property for you and that is okay.  The house does not need to be perfect, and can always be updated but it must be a house that you can live in without having to drastically adapt your lifestyle. 

After The Showing 

Once you have completed your showing and asked questions,  decide if you still have an interest in the property.  Ask for the realtor’s information and their knowledge of the status of the house.  Thank them for their time and reflect upon your experience.  If this is the house for you, get in touch with your realtor and start the process of setting up another showing and making an offer. 

Ultimately, setting up a showing and next steps is not as scary of a process as it may seem.  With the right agent on your side, you will always be prepared.

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