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Property Management companies perform a wide range of services for property owners, including common area maintenance of the site, budgeting, handling tenant relations and payments, and a myriad more items. But one service that often gets overlooked is marketing the property!

At M&D Real Estate, we understand the importance of tenant retention and the increased benefit to a center, its reputation and allure that comes from high and increased foot traffic to stores.

As a management company, a healthy return on investment for our owners is our top priority. Tenants with healthy sales is a key element to making that happen.

For instance, M&D recently began managing a new property, The Shops at Colorado in Denton, Texas. One step we take with our properties we manage is to boost online presence and attention to the center, ultimately helping to drive traffic to the stores!

So what did we do upon getting the management agreement? Immediately and first, we created a website for the entire retail center that would showcase the stores, store directory, hours of operations and can be utilized to promote sales and events that drive traffic to the shopping center. The tenants can send us photos, sales going on and promotional graphics anytime for us to help market their offerings.

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In addition to a new website that would feature the shops, we also implemented a Google My Business Profile for the shopping center, which we manage!

Since the start of implementing this one small effort, a whopping 14,029 people have discovered the Shops at Colorado online! Of all the searches where people landed on our shopping center, 98 percent of these were actually people LOOKING FOR SHOPPING OPPORTUNITIES, DISCOVERING OUR SHOPPING CENTER RIGHT THEN AND… either learning more about it, becoming aware of it at the least – and at the best, immediately then clicking to the website for more information or on map directions for how to get to the store.

Then, they go shopping! This traffic, 14,029 hits on the profile, has been generated in just the one month since it has been up and we began managing the property.

Marketing should not be overlooked or thought incidental when it comes to choosing property management. It should be a key component of the offerings including the management fees!

These are just a few tips and added benefits clients receive when they choose M&D Property Management to manage their commercial property. If you have any questions or would like more information on our services, please feel free to reach out to our Senior Property Manager, Susan Fish, anytime at (972) 521-8807 or Susan@mdregroup.com.