The traditional rule of thumb is to contact an agent about four to six months out from selling your home. There are many considerations that you will want to take in to account, starting with renovations and repairs to make to the home, which a knowledgeable real estate agent can guide you on!
It typically takes anywhere from two to three months to find a new home. This is another consideration. Once you decide on a real estate agent, there are few things you will want to discuss:
  • Current Market – What should you expect your home to sell for? This is where the agent can run “comps” for you, to look at comparable homes that have sold recently, as well as evaluate price per square footage, location and anything else unique about your home or upgrades you have made that would affect the pricing.
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  • Finances & Pre-approval – Next, you will want to talk finances with your agent and go to the bank at least 6 weeks out to find out your current payoff, as well as obtain a pre-approval for seeking our your next home. Many factors affect pre-approvals, such as term, price and interest rate. Be sure you’re pre-approved and not just pre-qualified, as a pre-approval is the only one that equals an official mortgage application. Also, remember that closing costs typically range from six to ten percent for sellers. If you are on the buying side, it is still important to get a good agent. You could go it alone, but… you will not have the negotiating power on your side that your seller’s agent will have. Make sure you don’t leave yourself vulnerable and have someone watching out for you, too!
  • What’s Available to Buy – Everyone knows right now, inventory is pretty low! So it’s important to go ahead and discuss early on your expectations and what you’re looking for with your agent, features that are important to you, and then they can even set up an automated MLS report for you.
  • Repairs, Renovations & Decluttering – Begin cleaning and decluttering your home right away. By the time you put your home on the market, a good rule of thumb is to remove 50 percent of the items in your house, including any and all personal effects! As you are decluttering, you may want to get a pod or storage unit. And also remember for your budget, it typically takes $1,500 to move locally and around $4,500 if you’re moving out of state! Also, your agent can do a walk-through and recommend any minor repairs such as cracked tiles, flooring or ceiling stains and water spots that will need to be fixed. If you are considering additional expenditures to increase your home’s values, such as new windows or a minor bathroom or kitchen remodel, you can expect to get nearly 100 percent or more of the cost recouped upon selling. A pre-listing home inspection can also help you identify repairs to make upfront. Your agent should be able to connect you with reputable local contractors!
  • Staging your Home & Preparing for Showings – Staging your home can increase the likelihood of an offer by 68 percent. Homes that are staged also typically go for 9 percent more than homes that are not staged. Your realtor may include this service of light-staging in their fees, or recommend another professional staging service or professional staging photos that can be completed of various rooms in your home.

Extra Tips on Interview Questions for Potential Real Estate Agents:

  • How many homes have you sold in the area?
  • How long are homes typically on the market?
  • What’s your negotiation process?
  • How many clients are you currently servicing and representing?
  • Who else on your team will assist?
  • What kind of marketing will you perform to get my home top exposure? How does your team use social media?
  • What separates you from the competition?
  • What’s the first thing we’ll do when we get started?

Selling your home, and finding the right home is a process. So you will want to take the initiative to get a quick jump on things in this market. Finding a realtor who understands your needs, the market, and who is knowledgeable on all the “ins and outs” of the industry is key to the process.

At M&D, we specialize in negotiations, setting a selling price guaranteed to ensure you do not lose out on tens of thousands of dollars, and we are highly knowledgeable about what we do so that we can provide the best service possible to our clients. We also specialize in cutting-edge marketing and top exposure, so when you sell your home, you can be sure that we present it in the best possible light to the maximum number of potential buyers straight away.

Client Alyssa Welch details how her agent at M&D Real Estate, Cheyenne Weable, went above and beyond to find them their dream home. Watch more testimonials & read additional reviews about M&D Real Estate here.

If we can be of any service, please let us know. We are more than happy to just answer a few questions for you or even to help you get a home valuation and started on the process of selling your home or buying a new home, if you are ready to begin! We look forward to assisting you however we can. Thanks again for choosing M&D Real Estate for your real estate needs.  

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