Going into 2022, there are three major themes for home décor trends: nature, sustainability and vintage. To make it easier to navigate all these new and old trends being brought to the spotlight, we made a list of the top 15 trends you should implement this year in your home décor!

1. Curved Furniture

With a lot of modern home décor being inspired by the past, curved furniture is also making a comeback. Curved couches, headboards, tables and mirrors are just some of the curvy pieces people are using to decorate their homes. This trend comes from the ‘60s and the organic shapes allow the room to flow better.

2. Sustainable Materials

 Sustainability is a big topic in pop culture. More and more people are beginning to shop sustainably. Materials that you can decorate with are: repurposed items, recycled items, and environmentally friendly materials. Using sustainable materials to decorate is better for the environment and can be cheaper! A sustainable material that you can use to decorate your home is bamboo. Bamboo is a strong and versatile material that is great inside and outside your home! You can get bamboo home décor on websites like Wayfair and Forever Bamboo.

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3. Natural Colors & Tones

Neutral Colors are always in style; however, these colors are expected to be seen a lot more coming into the new year. Colors like gray, beige, white, green and brown are calming and fit into the minimalistic décor of most newly decorated homes. Natural hues are trending because of their simplicity and the beauty they add to the space.

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4. Multifunctional Spaces


With closed floor plans coming back in style, multifunctional spaces are becoming more popular when people are decorating their home. Multifunctional spaces can add way more to your home, satisfy more of your family’s needs and make your home more enjoyable for you to be in. Whether you make your space purely functional for your everyday needs or convert it for a fun activity or entertainment, having a multifunctional space in your home is worth it. Some people are making their living rooms double as playrooms or creative spaces.

5. Vintage

Vintage décor is also making a comeback, whether its furniture, art or even appliances, anything vintage is going to look great in your home. A great place to find vintage items for an affordable price are thrift stores, flea markets, repurposed furniture stores, Goodwill, Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace. These items will bring sustainability and style into your home décor.

6. Upcycled Furniture

Decorating with upcycled furniture is not only great for the environment, but it also looks great in your home and is, in most cases, cheaper than buying brand new furniture. Upcycled furniture can become your new DIY project, or it can just be your cheap, easy and sustainable way to decorate your home in any style you want! For instance, many people are turning older pieces of furniture into brand new functional pieces for their home. You can find some examples of these projects at The Cottage Market.

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7. Updated Outdoor Spaces

Extending your interior décor to your outdoor spaces is important when you want to have an updated and sophisticated area outside. Not only will it make your outdoor area look better, but your décor outside will also match your décor inside making your home flow nicely from your indoor spaces to your outdoor spaces.

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8. Textures

Many people want to decorate their home in a way that feels comforting and cozy. When it comes to textures, decorate your home with plush and soft looking pieces. This makes your space feel homier and more comfortable.

9. Modern Grandmillenial

Coming into 2022, we are embracing floral patterns, contemporary shapes and wallpapers. Interior décor is moving back to an updated 1940s look where there are a lot of patterns ad textures. However, it is important that these patterns blend nicely and make the space chic and not chaotic.

10. Closed Floor Plans

While open floor plans have been the trend for a while, with more and more people spending time at home, there is a new need for privacy. With closed floor plans you have more space for different styles or themes within your home and more opportunity for creativity. Closed floor plans are great if you want more privacy within your home or want to experiment with multiple designs within your home.

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11. Lots of Windows

Larger, uncovered windows means more natural light in your home. This is a great option if you have a lot of plants, just simply like admiring the outdoors or even just want to save on your electric bill. While having more uncovered windows does mean sacrificing some privacy, it is a great way to increase the amount of light in your home and give the room a cleaner and more refined look.

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12. DIY Decor

Personalizing your home is very important to making it feel like it is truly yours. A great way to do this is through your home décor, while you can simply buy home décor that you feel like expresses your personality, you can speak even louder through your décor by making it yourself! Decorating your home with your handmade creations allows you to express yourself within your home design and gives you one-of-a-kind pieces to decorate with. An example of a trendy DIY project you can do is make concrete planters for your home. You can find out how to do this on Hackrea.com.

13. Shades of Brown

Along with the popular use of natural colors, one of 2022’s favorite colors is brown. Brown brings back a more vintage feel while keeping the space neutral and simple. Brown is a natural color that can tie your home together when used properly and is great to use in midcentury modern designs.

14. Table scaping

Table scaping is becoming more and more popular. It is a fun way to express yourself in your home and add your own personal style to your kitchen. Table scaping allows for your kitchen to be one of kind through unique glassware, dinnerware, flatware, tablecloths and just about everything else in your kitchen.

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15. Home Bars

This trend started during the pandemic when bars were closed, and everyone’s sources of entertainment was found within their homes. Home bars make your home more versatile and a great adult entertaining space.

 While some of these trends are bolder than others, all of them will add to the beauty and comfort of your home. These home décor ideas will make your home unique, trendy and super cute for 2022!

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