Are you getting your money’s worth? Is your property being taken care of and is your investment protected? Are your tenants satisfied?

Property Management services should help you increase value, maximize return, and minimize vacancy loss. You get to continue building your portfolio and collecting checks, while leaving the running of your property in experienced, capable hands that offer competent management, careful monitoring, and stewardship of your budget and high retention of tenants, all to ensure optimal success for your business portfolio and bottom line. 

At M&D, we strive to provide top of the line services to clients in the areas of marketing, financials, and operations. 


When choosing a Property Management company, choose a company offering the following services and benefits, ensuring you are provided with sound, capable management and experience hassle-free ownership and a good business reputation over the long-term.

We provide the following benefits to our Commercial Property Management clients:

  • Comprehensive Benefits and Services – Property Management Companies should offer management planning, financial reporting, budgeting, maintenance (both preventative and reactive), market rent analysis, rent collection, lease negotiation, tenant relations, purchasing procedures, contract specifications, and documented procedures.
  • Cuttingedge Marketing & Leasing Strategies – Your property management company should offer top exposure for your properties, from keen marketing flyers to advertising on multiple platforms, with a high social media following and multiple unpaid and paid strategies to provide your property with top-of-the-line exposure. Some companies even have commercial groups within their company, ensuring you get the added benefit of their leasing expertise should you require it. A good property management company will also have a deep understanding of the market and be able to help you price your property in the perfect range to balance maximum income with low vacancy loss.
  • Utilize New Technology – Look for a company that utilizes online portals and reporting methods. Most reputable property management companies will offer portals for both owners and tenants and provide 24/7 support. Tenants should be able to pay easily, open request orders for maintenance and receive immediate responses.
  • Preventative, Reactive Maintenance & Long-Term Planning – Choose a property management company that has great vendor relationships and can ensure any issues at your property are fixed right and responded to quickly. When choosing a company, ask them how fast their vendors respond to issues and if they have a comprehensive list of good vendor relationships, ensuring you pay good prices for maintenance and get the best service. Also, good property management services will ensure regular checks and maintenance plans are in place, leading to less issues and expenditures in the long-run. Managers should be able to recommend upgrades and fixes on a long-term schedule to ensure your property has the updates and atmosphere required to secure long-term, quality tenants.
  • High Tenant Retention – Retaining tenants is important for commercial entities because it means low vacancy rates. Work with a company that has good reviews when it comes to tenant relations, and who is responsive and has 24/7 systems in place. Ask them about their track record when it comes to tenant retention and evictions. A good property management company should be able to flaunt their record in this area!

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