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Local vs. National Firms: How Local Does It Better

Bigger isn’t necessarily better when it comes to property management service companies. Likely, some of you have already come to this conclusion on your own after witnessing and experiencing firsthand the best (and worst) of both worlds.

In the current era, there are many national discount firms that claim to offer the same level of service at a reduced rate. We all know you get what you pay for.

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Should I Sell or Lease My Home?

Deciding whether to sell your home or lease it out involves the balancing and consideration of multiple priorities! This includes what your potential return on investment might be, as well as weighing your current financial and personal needs at this moment.

In this fantastic seller’s market, selling can obviously be quite the lucrative and attractive option. But of course, you still need to look at what you owe on the home, versus what your profit or loss will be to sell it and then what kind of income you could be looking to generate by leasing it out.

Where are you in life right now? Are you close to retirement? Does this make financial sense to start building an investment portfolio of rental homes? There’s a reason real estate is a good investment! Or, what about your next move? Are you planning to relocate soon – and then potentially move back in? If that’s the case, leasing could be the way to go.

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Fun, Festive Things To Do Locally This Holiday Season

Tis the season, folks! Here at M&D Real Estate, we certainly want to help our community come together and be a part of all the great festivities our local area has to offer this holiday season!

To help make finding fun things to do around the holiday season easier, we put together a list of local family friendly events for you to enjoy!

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It’s Expense Reconciliation Time!

Unless your tenants are on a gross lease, it’s time for annual reconciliations. Depending on how the lease is structured, you may have tenant recoveries for taxes, insurance, CAM and percentage rent. Most leases have a set date that the landlord is required to notify the tenant of increases, decreases and 2022 estimates. Failure to provide tenants with timely notices can impair a landlord’s ability to recover those monies.

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Monthly Market Update: November 2021

Our Founder and my Managing Director at M&D Real Estate, Danny Perez, has put together an incredible snapshot for this month to show you what’s going on in the always-moving Dallas Fort-Worth Market, including the residential market here locally, as well as a brief account of what is happening in the DFW and local commercial market right now.
It’s nearing the end of the year! So it’s a good time for a market update. I know you’re probably curious what’s going on right now as we near the end of 2021 and gear up for 2022!

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NNN Charges: Common Pitfalls to Avoid

NNN Charges are devised with the intent to pass on the maintenance of common areas, management, taxes, and insurance to commercial property’s tenants based on their proportionate share. A large part of negotiating a commercial lease can be negotiating what common area charges (CAM charges) are included and if the tenant has a cap on charges. Managing the landlord’s risk and tenant’s pass throughs plays a key role in negotiating a NNN lease.

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M&D is Leading the Technological Revolution of Real Estate

When you choose to sell your home or investment property, you want someone you can trust and who will it do best. Part of doing it best includes a great deal of technology and multi-media expertise.
With COVID and the changing times, two-thirds of home buyers, a whopping 63 percent , purchased their home in 2020 SIGHT UNSEEN!
At M&D Real Estate, unlike with most other agents and agencies, you get a full-time, in-house marketing team who are experts in the field of marketing real estate properties. From video to social media to blasting your property to hundreds of internet sites and through e-mail campaigns, we are ahead of the curve and go further, do more, and give you more bang for your buck than the competition – because our model and in-house team costs you, the seller, nothing extra!
At M&D, we have a specialized process when we undertake the serious business of selling your home. It begins with getting well acquainted with you, the seller, and all your home and community has to offer. Our full-time listing specialist is an expert in coordinating the photography, understanding the features, and positioning your home on the market in a way that will make your property shine.

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Monthly Market Update: What’s Going On in This Crazy Market Right Now?

M&D Real Estate’s Founder and Managing Director Danny Perez is excited to bring you what’s going on in the always-moving Dallas Fort-Worth Market, including the residential market here locally and a touch on what’s happening in the local and greater DFW area in our commercial markets right now.

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Tips for Dealing with Difficult tenants

Have you ever encountered a problem tenant? Perhaps it was their financial circumstances and an emotional explanation that you were not sure how to deal with – or maybe you had a tenant damage your property, repeatedly pay late or a host of other issues possibly related to missed payments, COVID times, and the upkeep of your property. These are some of the typical problems that landlords are faced with on a regular basis.

To help, here are some tips for dealing with these types of issues, and with difficult tenants in general, before the situation gets out of hand!