Residential Property Management

Benefits when you choose M&D Property Management: 

  • Screen tenants thoroughly and methodically; we have an excellent track record of securing high quality tenants
  • Tenant requests made simple through online portals & 24/7 phone support
  • Organize and handle all maintenance visits and repairs, with approval of owner
  • Owners are updated in real-time of any maintenance issues
  • Owners have access to detailed property account information on demand through owner portal
  • Coordinate and prepare all upgrades, cleanings for new tenant cycle
  • Offer tenants multiple options for payment methods

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    M&D offers our clients the most innovative Marketing & Leasing tactics and top exposure. 

    • Comparative Market Analysis before each new tenant cycle to ensure that your property can maximize its rental income
    • Advertising strategies that include marketing on over 200 popular internet sites, including MLS, Trulia & Zillow, as well as our well-developed social media platforms and more! M&D is cutting-edge when it comes to marketing and readily recognized throughout the Dallas Metroplex for its innovative tactics, making the company one of the fastest-growing listing firms in the DFW area.
    • Dedicated team members readily available to pre-qualify inquiring tenants, and give them a tour of the property and guide them in the application process. 

    We protect your investment by thoroughly screening tenants and through hands-on management.  

    • Applicant screenings provided for you, including a credit check, background check, employment verification and rental history verification!
    • Review of suitable tenants, with you if you choose, to ensure the best match with your property.
    • Lease agreement designed to give you broad protection and comply with local and federal housing laws.
    • Handling of all move-in and move-out walk-throughs to ensure the integrity of your investment.
    • Holding of all security deposits in a trust account, receipt of rents and distribution of all funds accordingly.

    Your property is our property. Your tenant is our tenant. Our job is to make your investment property worry-free. We work with our clients every step of the way to ensure maximized earnings, the protection of your property, seamless management and satisfied tenants.

    Why Choose M&D Property Management?

    The return you stand to gain and dollars saved from letting M&D assist you with setting the right price for your rental(s), in addition to quick leasing, quality tenants and high quality maintenance vendors that charge great prices, ensures you come out on the winning side!

    Problem tenants? Damage to your home?

    If you have ever managed your own property, you have most likely encountered these scenarios and seen the more challenging side of owning a rental home and managing tenants. After using M&D, we hear from clients over and over that they would never manage their own property again!

    Property Management is cost-effective!

    Many people think Property Management services are more costly than they actually are! We hope to dispel that notion. Most property management companies charge a percentage of rent that is much less than you would imagine and the return is typically well worthwhile financially and in time-savings!

    Huge Benefits

    Specific benefits include an absolutely thorough and personal tenant screening service that is methodical and proven to work (by our own track record), so that you have high quality tenants who are paying on time and keeping your property well-maintained and preserved. This is a big cost-saver alone!

    We handle it all!

    The marketing, maintenance and financial aspects of your property are well tended to, so that you can enjoy the hassle-free experience of owning a rental home. M&D's highly qualified and knowledgeable team understands the ins and outs of compliance and regulations, contracts and leases, how to handle difficult tenants (and how to screen to ensure we don’t end up with difficult tenants) and much more!

    Marketing Strategies & Leasing

    Marketing strategies? Ours are cutting-edge, offering top exposure when it’s time to lease. Our price setting prowess is also completely on point! We know the market and can balance the dual goals of getting you maximum return while ensuring low vacancy time.

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