Looking for a new home can be stressful and overwhelming to buyers. Open Houses are great ways to alleviate the buyer’s negative feelings, increase exposure and even shorten the amount of time your home spends on the market!


1. Convenience

Open Houses are convenient for buyers because it offers an opportunity for them to look at the house without setting up an appointment or contacting the realtor prior. Open houses are also convenient for buyers because they are “come and go” over multiple hours throughout the day, and they are free to roam around the home as they please, with little pressure. They also give buyers the opportunity to look at houses they may have never considered otherwise.

2. Can Gather More Information

Since buyers can freely walk around the home, they are able to gather more information than if they were toured through the home. Every buyer has different things that they find important about their potential next home and open houses give them the opportunity to make sure all their boxes are checked and pick up on more specific details that they find important.

3. Less Pressure

Open Houses are great for buyers to shop around for their new home without the additional stress and pressure caused by contacting agents and setting up appointments. They can take their time to look around the home and they don’t have to worry about “dealing with agents.”


1. Attract More Buyers

Open Houses are great ways to market your home’s unique traits and features, especially if your house has been updated or better maintained than some of the other homes on the market. They attract a slew of new potential buyers and will bring extra attention to your property. Open Houses are an easy way to make your home more prominent in the market!

2. Feedback

Since there are many potential buyers at your home, there are plenty opportunities for your realtor to hear about their likes and dislikes. This provides more useful information as to why your house might not be selling or what they key favorite features are, so you can emphasize those selling points to peak buyer interest.

3. Time to Prepare

Unlike a regular showing, when you have an open house, you have time to prepare your home and set it up to look exactly how you want. Open houses allow you more time to fix up, clean and stage your home to impress your potential buyers!

Open Houses are great opportunities for both the buyers and sellers. There are many benefits to holding an open house, including the prime exposure they offer and benefits to buyers who are hoping to browse around without feeling overwhelmed or shadowed while searching for their perfect home. 

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