If you are considering selling, or have already made the decision, one of the first steps is to get your home ready and in prime viewing condition for potential buyers. You are 87 percent more likely to get an offer if you follow these tips!
The following list of items will not break the bank and will make your home look newer, better, and more “homey” to buyers, making them much more likely to make you an offer! These tips can increase the likelihood of receiving an offer dramatically, so remember that preparation is key once the decision to sale has been made!
Coffee Photo of 5 Must Do's to Prepare your House for Sale

1)    Declutter and clean. A good rule of thumb is to reduce the items in your home by 50 percent. Clear off that stack of mail on the
counter, switch out or remove any oversized furniture that does not scale to the room, and you will want to organize those shoes piled up in the closet! Consider investing in storage bins that fit neatly under beds, or oversized tubs you can put on a rack in the garage. Storage sheds may also be a good bet if you have a lot of items to take out to make your house appear more minimal, flowing, and spacious. Be sure to clean every nook and cranny, including base boards and wash windows thoroughly to allow in as much natural light as possible. Keep counters wiped off, appliances clean and the home ready to show at a moment’s notice. This includes taking care of any smells. Smells are one of the first thing a buyer notices when walking into a home, so make sure your home is smell-free, even avoiding cooking foods earlier in the day that may linger in the air.


2)    Make repairs – large and small. Walk around your home, take it all in as if you are seeing it for the first time. Replace any
broken fixtures, repair holes in walls, and any stained ceilings.  Be sure to replace missing shingles and broken tiles and chipped flooring. Also, check that your foundation is solid, the roof is not leaking, and appliances are all in working order. Get a home inspection. Your agent can recommend which inspectors to use. This will ensure you are aware of any potential issues that could come up during the sale ahead of time. 

3)    Do a faux renovation. One of the biggest difference makers is a fresh coat of paint but be sure to paint in neutral tones such as whites, beiges, and greys – or “greige.” You may love that red dining room, but you do not want to turn off a potential buyer who has different taste. A fresh coat of paint can also give the home a new feel and make rooms look more spacious. Other small touches can include replacing fixtures, hardware and opting for a more updated look in the kitchen and bathrooms. Also, check that all fabrics are clean throughout your home. Curtains, couches and bed coverings should be stain-free and freshly laundered and clean.


4)    Curb appeal. Be sure not to neglect the exterior! At a minimum, it is recommended that you make the front door area appealing, perhaps even trying out a new paint color. Consider power washing the exterior and patio areas. Be sure fences are fixed and give them a little TLC if you notice areas looking less than best. Also, be sure to weed flower beds, add fresh mulch, keep the yard mowed and shrubs and trees trimmed back and maintained. For a special touch, add a few potted plants and flowers to increase the effect. Many potential buyers will have a feeling about your home before they ever walk through the front door, solely based on the exterior. So create a welcoming, neat and clean look to put your best foot forward before they even walk inside! During wintertime and holidays, consider adding lights or a wreath on the front door.


5)    Staging your home. Staging your home can increase the likelihood of getting an offer by up to 87 percent. Going back to decluttering, make sure the space is maximized and that you have removed all your personal items from the home, such as family pictures, souvenirs, and trophies. You want the family to be able to picture themselves living here. Add fresh flowers in a vase to the living area and have some cookies baking in the kitchen. Consider doing a mini-makeover to bathrooms by adding some fluffy towels and rags tied together in ribbon. Add some scented candles and soap to complete the effect. In bedrooms or living spaces, add a tray with a
teapot and book. Give them the full effect of being able to picture themselves living in the space. Make sure windows and drapes are all tied back, turn lamps on and bring in as much natural lighting as possible throughout the home. Rearrange furniture as needed, remembering to declutter, ensure furniture is not oversized for the room and create a perfect, walkable flow from one room to the next. If furniture is broken or outdated, consider replacing to gain the optimal effect. 

Last, research agents! Your agent will help you throughout the process of getting your home ready to sale and with setting the price, ensuring you do not lose out on tens of thousands of dollars, and handling all the nitty, gritty details in between, including showing your home to potential buyers, working out contracts and everything throughout the process.


If you have any questions about how to prepare your home for the sale – or would like to know anything else about the selling process, please do not hesitate to reach out. We are here to offer our services and help you from start to finish, throughout the buying and selling process.


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