Increasing your home’s curb appeal doesn’t have to be a long expensive process.  We have compiled a list of ten easy ways to increase the curb appeal of your home that won’t break the bank.  These fixes will help draw buyers to your home and will make a huge difference to the aesthetics of your home. 

Time To Power Wash

Power washing the exterior of your home and driveway can make a huge difference.  It can wash away years of stains and bringing life back into the exterior of your home.  If you do not own a power washer, there are power washing companies and home improvement stores that offer rentals. 

Replace Dated Hardware 

Old-fashioned and damaged hardware can hurt your home’s appeal more than most sellers realize.  Replacing an older door handle or lock can be an easy fix to update your home. 

Clean/Replace Your Mailbox 

Mailboxes can be easily overlooked by sellers since they are “not part of the house” yet mailboxes are a part of the first impression when potential buyers come to showings.  Make sure your mailbox is in clean, working order and has your house number.  This helps sellers easily locate your residence and shows them how well you take care of your property 

Fresh Coat of Paint 

A fresh coat of paint does wonders when updating your home’s appeal whether your front door needs some love or your siding, a fresh coat of paint is always a good idea. 

Basic Gardening 

Making sure your grass is mowed, taking care of brown spots, and adding/maintaining plants around the trim of your home can add pops of color without much effort. 

Check Bulbs and Outdoor Lighting 

Conduct a tour of the outside of you home to make sure porchlights, garage lights, and etc. Are working.  This will help your house shine at night and if potential buyers want to test the switches you will be in good shape.  If you have out dated lighting it might be worth investing in updated lighting to match your hardware or the feel of your house. 

Clean Roofing and Gutters 

Emptying your gutters and getting rid of any roof stains with a power washer/ cleaning solution can make your roof look years newer.  This is also far less costly then fully replacing your roof if you structurally do not need to. 

Hang A Seasonal Wreath 

Adding a festive wreath instantly makes your front door more inviting to buyers and is easily an under $20 fix. 

Spotless Windows 

Getting rid of dirt and water marks on windows is often overlooked but instantly makes windows appear bigger and newer.   

Add House Numbers 

Adding numbers to the front of your house helps buyers find your house and aids in a positive first impression. 

Consequentially, all of these fixes will aid in buyers interest in your home without you having to spend big money or investing a lot of time.