10 Home Improvement Ideas to Add Value to Your Home

10 Smart Home Improvement Ideas to Increase
the Value of Your Home

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Kitchen Updates

Updating your kitchen is a great way to not only elevate your home but can also increase the value of your home. According to KBR Kitchen and Bath, the cost of a full kitchen remodel can be between $28k and $81k. The resale value has been shown to increase the homes value by $20k to $45k. Full kitchen remodels can be expensive so we’ve included some individual updates that are sure to raise your home’s value. 

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1. Counters: Replacing original the original countertops put into the home can add great value to the home while elevating the look and style of the kitchen. The top recommended counters are quartz counters, they are strong, durable, and heat resistant, allowing you to relax and not concern about the care and upkeep of the quality of counters.

2. Cabinets: Updated cabinets give a fresh new look to the kitchen. Picking a fun color like a deep blue or olive green is a great way to elevate the space with more color!

3. Appliances: Upgrading your kitchen appliances can add value to an older kitchen by adding cool new features. Hidden appliances have risen to the top such as a dishwasher that looks the same as your cabinets. Pot fillers by the stove have also sparked interest as they are convenient and add a modern touch while being useful.

4. Fixtures: Replacing the fixtures throughout the kitchen is a great way to change the look of the kitchen. Try switching them to gold fixtures from the sink to cabinet and drawer handles. 

5. Backsplash: Adding a fresh new backsplash can make a world’s difference to the eye. Herringbone backsplash has made its way to the top of the list for trending backsplashes while subway tile is another great option that looks fantastic.

Bathroom Remodel

Remodeling your bathroom can improve its functionality and create a spa-like environment in your home. According to HGTV, minor bathroom remodels are shown to have a return value of 102% when selling. We’ve listed some fun and simple ideas to increase your space’s value and vibe.

When thinking about upgrades for your bathroom don’t look past the small details. Updating what you would think are little things can make a huge difference. For instance, changing the grout color for tiling can be a unique and stylish change. Dark grout has become a popular choice and can range from $15 to $30. Sprucing up the vanity area can be an easy fix with dramatic changes. From adding a new mirror to D.I.Y. shelving to help with decluttering, nothing goes un-noticed. 

Trending Now Double Showers

When looking at your space and considering upgrading the bathtub, you might feel stressed at the expense. While replacing the tub is an option, you can also refinish the existing tub and reap the same benefits. When it comes to the shower, double showers have made a grand appearance and add that spa-like ambiance to the space that you desire while also being convenient and energy efficient. 


If you are looking for upgrades for the sole purpose of adding value to your home, new floors tend to be the most rewarding. Upgrading your flooring can give your home a fresh look and improve its durability and functionality. There are so many options to choose from when considering new flooring, all with their own pros and cons.

Hardwood floors are the most rewarding when it comes to return of investment. Even just refinishing existing hardwood floors can have a high recovery rate, the highest being 147% return, according to the National Association of Realtors statistics. When considering replacing floors with hardwood while the price is higher than other options, the ROI is the highest.

If you’re looking for upgrades that are less cost effective, there are still plenty of options! Most buyer’s prefer hard flooring over carpets, but new or revamped carpets can still add tremendous value to your home. There are multiple other options if you’re looking to replace the carpets.

Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring offers the same look as hardwood flooring while being less cost effective. They are scratch and stain resistant while also being waterproof. It isn’t identical to hardwood but it does give you that same modern look. Luxury Vinyl Plank can’t be refinished, so the main downfall is that once it wears down, you can only replace it fully.  


Trending Now Statement Tile

Tiles are a great way to add color, texture, and pattern to your home. If you’re looking to liven up smaller areas like the laundry room or your bathroom this is a great option. Bold statement tiles are a popular trend that can instantly upgrade the look of any room. Be mindful when mixing styles in high traffic areas, it can be overwhelming and clash with other flooring styles that meet the space.

Outdoor improvements

Outdoor additions can add great value to your home. This doesn’t mean you have to spend $30k on the low end to add a pool to your backyard. Adding an outdoor living space such as a deck, patio, or pergola can provide additional space for entertaining and relaxing. Pergolas and shade structures provide shelter from the sun and rain, making your outdoor living space more useable and comfortable. In addition to living spaces, there are many more options that result in a higher resale value. 

Trending Now Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens can be designed in a variety of ways to make the most use of your space and based on the amenities you want included. You can even purchase modular kitchens on sites like Wayfair, who offers one of the most common design aesthetics, stainless steel kitchens. Additionally, Coyote Outdoor offers ready-to-assemble kitchens with multiple design options. You can select all the appliances, the shape of the kitchen, and even the final finish and countertops.  Homes with outdoor kitchens can potentially see an ROI between 100% and 200%, according to Absolute Outdoor Kitchens.

Energy Efficient Upgrades

Installing energy-efficient windows, insulation, and heating and cooling systems can reduce your energy costs and make your home more environmentally friendly. According to Pearl Certification, solar panels can increase your home’s sales price by 4.1%. On the inside, just replacing the insulation in your home can yield a ROI of 100% according to the NAR’s 2022 Remodeling Impact Report.

Trending Now Double Paned Windows

Double paned windows offer ample benefits outside of energy efficiency such as stabilizing your home’s temperature, saving on energy costs, and being better for the environment. These have multiple layers of glass, separated by a space filled with air or special gas, which helps reduce heat transfer and improve insulation. Replacing your windows in general can result in up to an 80% ROI. 

Standard Upgrades

Basic updates throughout your home are often needed but also overlooked. This ranges from new lighting fixtures to Chips and dents in the walls or even baseboards. The biggest minor upgrade that is often overlooked when trying to increase your home’s value is a fresh coat of paint. According to Kind Home Solutions, a fresh coat of interior and exterior paint can add an average of $4,000 to your homes value, which leads to a 107% ROI for just interior paint.

Trending Now Monochromatic

When considering new paint for your home, look into a monochromatic color scheme. This is when different shades of the same color are used throughout a space, and is becoming increasingly popular for its simplicity, versatility and attractiveness.


Landscaping is a huge part of what makes your home desirable during the selling process. Having a freshly landscaped yard enhances the curb appeal and shows that the home has been well maintained and taken care of. This can go from small changes like routinely mowing and edging your yard to adding fresh mulch regularly to keep the yard looking fresh. Not only does a beautifully landscaped home have major curb appeal, it also is environmentally friendly and tends to add value to the home. According to the American Society of Landscape Architects, homes that have been professionally landscaped can fetch 15-20% more at the time of resale than homes with less attractive landscapes.  

Trending Now Xeriscaping

Xeriscaping is a form of landscaping that focuses on using drought-resistant plants and efficient irrigation systems to conserve water and reduce the need for frequent watering. By using less water, it’s also much easier to maintain. The top plants to add when trying out xeriscaping are Russian Sage, Agave, and Yucca. 

Storage Solutions

Through the process of life, you tend to gather a substantial amount of things. Between household items and life mementos you can’t bare to get rid of, those things tend to pile up. Adding smart storage in your space can improve the overall look of your home. Installing shelves, closets, and other storage solutions can help you maximize your space and keep your home organized.

Trending Now Multi functional furniture

These pieces serve multiple purposes, such as a bed with built-in storage or a coffee table with hidden compartments, maximizing space and making the most of limited square footage. 

Smart Home Technologies

Installing smart home technologies such as smart thermostats, LED lighting, and security systems can make your home convenient, safe, and secure. When adding smart technologies to your home, it’s best to consider what your family will get the best use from. There are so many options and brands to choose from. Ring offers smart cameras, sensors, and alarms to ensure a more secure home. Philips, a trusted brand for years, offers a line of lightbulbs names HUE. They not only allow access when you’re away from home but have fun colors and can can replace standard lightbulbs in any system.  

Trending Now Nest

Smart thermostats allow you to control your homes temperature from anywhere, and they can learn your schedule and adjust accordingly to save energy. Google released the Nest Learning Thermostat, a top rated smart thermostat. Adding this to your home will not only improve the comfort of your home, but it also supports clean energy and programs by programming itself to follow your living habits. 

Additional Living Spaces

Building a home office space can be worthwhile, especially in areas where many people telecommute. According to a survey performed by HomeLight, 60% of top real estate agents said a home office was a top priority for buyers in their market. Adding a home office can increase your home’s value by $10,000 or more. This can be something as small as converting an extra large closet to an office, or as big as renovating and adding to your home to create an office space. 

Trending Now Transitional Spaces

The easiest way to create a home office space is to convert an extra bedroom into a modern, home office space. Many people are opting to create a multi-functional space that can serve as home office and guest room still. Consider adding a rug, plants, sitting area, art, lighting and a great desk and desk chair. Then, add a murphy bed or daybed to the room. A Case Study Daybed makes the perfect addition to keep the space looking like a cozy office, but still doubling as a guest room.

Final Thoughts

While home improvement projects can add value to your home and make it more attractive to potential buyers, there are many other benefits as well. Home improvements not only provide you with new living spaces that make your life easier, but they can also boost your confidence and happiness as well. 

The first step to implementing a smart home improvement project is knowing what you need and determining how much it will cost you to incorporate these improvements into your home. Once you have a good idea of what you need and how many square feet you’ll be able to cover, you’ll start to see what the best options are.   

The next step is to set a realistic timeline for the work. Choose a day and time when you won’t be interrupted, and then thoroughly plan out what you want to accomplish. Once you know that you’ll need to schedule a specific day for that specific project, you can work with your contractor on a timeline for completion.  

Home improvement projects can be stressful and overwhelming, but when you take the necessary precautions and make them as simple as possible, it can be a lot easier (and so rewarding) to keep on track and finish on time, resulting in spaces with an entirely new flair.