So you’ve decided to sell! Or you think you have! The next thing on your mind might be, “How quick can we do it, and how can I make the most money from this sale?”

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1. Get an agent. Did you know that on average in the U.S., homeowners who use an agent sell their homes for 40 percent more than those who sell it themselves? For some reason, 11 percent of owners still go this route! But it has been proven time and again, sellers get the higher price using an agent by far, such as the fact that the average home in 2019 sold for $200,000 by owner. But when using an agent, the average home sale price in the U.S. in 2019 was $280,000. WOW. Don’t miss out on getting the highest asking price! Get an agent!
2. Get a GOOD agent. If you want to sell fast and at the highest price, you will want to find an agent that is super responsive and quick from the get-go. You will also want an agent who has sales with low average DOM (Days on Market). This means, their listings typically do not stay long. In this market, you should find a realtor whose average DOM is no more than 2 weeks for comparable homes. This will ensure you get the best agent, and this is what we do on average (or better, actually) at M&D.
3. The right price gets the right sell. In this market, its key to not underprice or overprice. Our agents scrutinize the market and help clients list at the exactly right price every day. They are experts on what it looks like in best and worst case scenarios. Worst case? Someone overprices their home, buyer fatigue takes effect, and then their home sits on the market, stagnant, and buyers are wondering if there might be something wrong with it! The right price is what’s right for the market, which is enough to gain interest and seem reasonable based on current trends, and then entice all of those “above asking price offers” as the frenzy ensues over your perfectly priced home.
4. Top Exposure, Quality Photography & Video! If you want your home to sell (and sell fast), one of the most important things you can do is get quality photos. More than 90 percent of buyers start looking online, and they will scroll past any photos that are not professionally done and top notch. Also, videos are even more eye-catching and prone to multiple offers as it keeps buyers looking at your home, on average, two minutes longer than at a home without video. Get an agent who knows all about this and includes this in their services. At M&D, our mission is to be cutting edge in marketing – and we are, because we know how important it is for our clients.
5. Clean, declutter, curb appeal. The best payoff you’re going to see is from a clean, decluttered home. The more you clean and put in the elbow grease, the more you will see that payoff than anything else you could possibly do. Reduce the items in your home by 50 percent as general rule of thumb. To spruce up the outside, consider painting your door a different color, planting some flowers and ensure the lawn is always mowed and in clean cut condition for prospective buyers.
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6. Repairs. If you want to sell fast and at the highest price, don’t give buyers the opportunity to nickel and dime you during the inspection phase and afterward. Get a pre-sale inspection, the advice of your realtor, and make any major or minor repairs prior to putting your home on the market to get the highest offers and highest final sales price. It will also make the process go quicker and smoother.
7. Cash can be king. Looking to sell fast? Great homes in this market can get cash offers, even over asking price, that can make your home sell even more quickly than when working with a buyer with a lender. Enlist your agent to assist you with this, and they’ll be able to help you sort through the best way to get the quickest, highest offer into your bank account immediately.
8. Well maintained homes sell for more. Going back to the cleaning and decluttering and repairs, this can’t be stressed enough. If you want to sell for more and sell fast, homes that appear pristine, in great repair and ready for move-in are going to sell the best and fastest. It removes any “buyer-beware” point from the minds of your potential buyers when they walk into a home that appears to be well maintained.
9. Cooperate. Want things to move quickly and smoothly? Don’t argue every single, minute point with the potential buyer. While ideally your home is in excellent shape and repair going into the process, you can afford to give a little in the name of not scaring off the buyer who could withdraw when no concessions are being made on behalf of the seller. So, cooperate a little.
10. Require a buyer to meet financing/eligibility. Prior to showing your home, make sure your agent knows you want serious buyers only, meaning that you will ask the agent to only show your home to people who can afford it. Make sure your agent looks closely at the Buyers offer and their ability to pay for the home. This will speed up the process, ensuring no time is wasted and that the right buyer is the one visiting your home today.

I hope you found some of these tips enlightening, and that they have aided you in your current or future to decision to buy, sale and how to go about enlisting the assistance or help of an agent. If we can answer any questions for you, your friends or family, or get you a complimentary home valuation, please do not hesitate to reach out to us anytime!

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